WordPress Advertising Policy Quick References Anyone?

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This is both a progress report on my new Affiliate Marketing project, and an introduction to a new section being created here on Professional Licensing Helper that shares PDFs located on the section with the same name at Customer First Marketer.

This is one very useful way that I can provide improved Customer Experience, while saying THANK YOU for visiting!

The name of this new Section is “Policy Quick References”. Included in this section on both blogs will be free (yes FREE) Policy Quick Reference PDFs, providing alphabetical listings of the Policies from other websites.

Is this Allowed? EMPOWERED

Few things are more TEDIOUS than having to stop in the middle of developing a really good idea than suddenly wondering “Does my web host allow this?”

If you use WordPress.com as your host, even if you host your WordPress site on a different third party host with WordPress.org, this is for YOU!

This simple alphabetical listing, complete with Resource Links to the source articles can help you find your answer(s) quickly. You may not even need to contact support by checking this Policy Reference first:

WordPress Advertising Policy Quick Reference

Customer First Marketer

You can learn more about the reasons why I have decided to start providing these Policy Quick References in my post on Customer First Marketer called:

Need a WordPress Advertising Policy Quick Reference?

By Openclipart – Click/Tap image to visit the source.
By Openclipart – Click/Tap image to visit the source.

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I hope you will share this with your contacts, once you take the time to look through this simple reference yourself.

Do you have a “Quick Reference” Suggestion to share?

I’m considering using this idea here on Professional Licensing Helper, as an alternative to creating tons of additional pages to this site.

If you compare the Resource Links Tool here with the new PDF, it doesn’t take much imagination to see the page space savings that changing to using a PDF format could save.

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