More Ways to Ask Licensing Questions

Good Day to You,

Have you ever wanted to be able to Ask Questions, without having to give out your email address to get the answer?

How about being able to browse questions in a reader, related to your interest, and see all the answers provided by experienced people, who are there to help?

Would you like to be able to see a short “Bio”, provided by the person(s) answering those questions?

Would you like me to tell you MORE?

I discovered this wonderful resource when one of my social media contacts looked at this project. She told me about a place where people were asking “licensing” questions. She suggested that this would be a great opportunity for me to answer some of these questions to help with Brand Building.

Not only has this been an excellent experience for growing and learning, but an opportunity to be “Helpful” as well.

You will not find advertising, spam or any other distractions, just an opportunity to ask questions and get some really good answers.

Your Help is Much Appreciated Dariya!

It isn’t that often, when someone more experienced than ourselves actually takes the time to REALLY LOOK at our project. Almost never, when that person reaches out with a private message in social media giving outstanding TARGETED advice.

As I’m writing this post, the number of views to my answers have past five thousand (5,000). All these views have happened within the last thirty (30) days!

Her name is Dariya Lopukhina.

She contributes articles on a blog, owned by “an international custom software development services provider” (taken from their “About us” webpage), and called “Anadea Inc.”. I think you will find the reading interesting and informative at the ANADEA Blog.

Dariya is also very active providing answers to questions at Quora. I highly recommend that you take a look at her Quora Profile.

Among her impressive list of qualifications as a Blogger, she shares her knowledge in Social Media and Internet Marketing.

Thank You SO MUCH Dariya, for going out of your way to give such wonderful and targeted advice!

By Openclipart – Click/Tap image to visit the source.
By Openclipart – Click/Tap image to visit the source.

Quality and Diverse Answers

Questions are presented to registered users, who have the opportunity to choose from a diverse list of “interests”. Users are from around the globe, with a wide range of experience.

Users are given a list of questions in the “Reader”. We can choose to “pass” on each question. When we “pass” on a question, we also have the chance to send a message to the question’s author, explaining why we passed on the question.

It’s totally up to us what we do:

• Ask questions
• Answer questions
• Pass on answering questions
• Pass on answering questions and explain why
• Read Questions and Answers

Questions that you submit are screened.

If you want to ask a question, you are required to create an account.

Any submitted questions are screened to be sure that they are not too vague, an attempt at self-promotion and are ethical.

If for some reason, your question is not published, a moderator will explain why and make a suggestion, based on the “community rules”.

How this is helping to build my Brand

Originally, my intentions for joining Quora were to find and answer questions that were directly related to the niche associated with “Professional Licensing”.

Answering questions related to my niche, is appealing and very enabling, allowing me to “show my stuff”.

New challenges in the form of questions, not strictly within my “niche”, challenge me and help to develop my skill in searching government websites. Other questions require me to do research outside my “comfort zone”, presenting an opportunity to expand on my skill set, using familiar search engines like Google or Bing (on a limited basis).

I am not concerned that traffic to this project has not increased, since joining this question and answer site, because this project is still a “work in progress”. Even if that changes over time, it isn’t the most important reason for being there.

This is a place to Learn, Help and Grow.

Even better, it is also a place to do these things, beyond the scope of my niche, when possible.

After all, “Helper” is included in the title of this project.

By Openclipart – Click/Tap image to visit the source.
By Openclipart – Click/Tap image to visit the source.

Everyone Benefits

You will be enriched, no matter the reason for visiting this resource.

You might find a question already asked, with at least one answer that fits your need.

You may want to ask a question, not sufficiently answered doing a search, or by any other resource.

You may be motivated to find questions within your niche, enabling you to “show your stuff”, and build your Brand.

An Opportunity to create a Free Blog, hosted on Quora.

I’m not an advocate of Free Hosting

Well, let me explain a bit.

This is different than free hosting for your Business Blog/Website.

Simply put, Free Hosting is fine, while we are “feeling our way”, “learning our focus”, and dealing with the huge learning curve all of that involves.

This is one of the reasons I love We can start out with free hosting and build. Then, when we are ready, upgrade to a paid hosting plan, without losing what we have already built.

Having paid hosting with your own domain name, shows that you are “professional”, and an “expert” in your niche. This is very important in building your Brand.

Why I created my Free Blog

Creating this Quora blog, allows me to further build my Brand, because it is connected to a very valuable and respected resource on the Internet.

I am able to link to it from this site, and also link to here from Quora. This should help build my brand in the eyes of search engines (hopefully). I don’t believe Google will penalize me, because the content is not duplicated, is relevant and has the same author.

The posts on Quora will be different. They will be specifically targeted to be helpful and supportive to the question and answer process, established there.

I would love to know what you think of this strategy.

Do you think it is a good idea?

New Blogroll

You will notice a new section in my sidebar called “Questions Answered”, near the top of the page.

This Blogroll has links to Quora, and my Quora blog.

Another resource will be added to the “Questions Answered” Blogroll later, along with my next post here.

I give you Quora

All of the above and more are waiting for you to explore at Quora.

Use this link to learn more about Why Quora Exists.

Getting the Answer(s) You Want

The more precise you are, when asking a question, on Quora and here at PLH, the better (and more helpful) answer you can be given.

Be sure to take a look at this post on the Professional Licensing Helper blog at Quora here:

Asking the right Licensing Question to get the Answer You Want

You may also be interested in:

The Quora Blog

Project Updates:

If you have been to this project before, you will notice at least one change. There are no longer two (2) side bars.

The most noticeable change is the new “Button” theme, with a different color scheme.

The name of the “Professions” section has been changed to “State & Territory Listings”. This is the new home page for that section. It can now be accessed by the main menu, instead of the previous menu located in one of the side bars.

I hope you like the changes here, and take advantage of this opportunity to Learn, Help and Grow at Quora.

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