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The “State & Territory Listings” section is the new name of what previously was called the “Professions” section.

Building this project is a huge undertaking. My “dream”, is to eventually provide a tool that offers “More than just Links” as described below, for this section, and as described on the “Maine Professional Licensing” Home Page, for that section.

This section of the tool is being organized with a dedicated page for each “Profession”.

Each dedicated “Profession” page, will alphabetically list each U. S. State and Territory.

Each State and Territory listed, will have a link to that jurisdictions’ Administrative Agency, when one is available.

Not all jurisdictions have a Professional Licensing Agency for each Profession. When no Administrative Agency has been located, you will find a notation, where the link would be. When a State Agency Listing can be found for that jurisdiction, a link to that Agency Listing, or other supporting documentation, will be provided instead.

A new dedicated “Profession” page will be added to this section, as the Maine Professional Licensing Section is updated.

More details on the process, in relation to the Maine Professional Licensing tools’ structure, can be found on that sections’ home page.

Once the Maine Professional Licensing Section has been completely updated, this section, containing a dedicated page for each “Profession”, with links to each State and Territory (when possible) should also be complete.

The main menu will link to the new “Professions” pages in this section, as they are published. Links will also be provided on this page below.

Business as Usual By rejon – Click/Tap image to view the source.
Business as Usual By rejon – Click/Tap image to view the source.



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