Policy Quick References

Good Day to You,

If you have visited my other blog, Customer First Marketer, this page will look very familiar to you. That’s because I came up with the idea of providing Policy Quick Reference PDFs while developing that site.

Putting the Customer First and being a Helper is not restricted by which site you visit, so both sites have this section.

We all have had experiences when our valuable time was wasted (or worse), because we just couldn’t seem to find that “critical piece of the puzzle”. Our “best guess” searching just didn’t work.

I can help with that!

Below you will find a growing list of PDFs, dedicated to putting you, the Customer First, by providing easy access Quick References to Policies found on other websites.

These PDFs are offered to you on an “as is” basis at NO FEE. They are totally UNOFFICIAL and you should always review the source, by following the provided Resource Link for each listing.

Feel free to use the Contact Form to suggest other “Quick References”, that you feel would be a valuable addition here.

My Best to You

The following PDFs are provided in Alphabetical Order.

WordPress Advertising Policy Quick Reference (PDF)

Image: WordPress Advertising Policy Quick Reference