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On this page are listings specific to Professional Licensing in Maine.

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AcupunctureChiropractic AcupunctureCustom-Made Chinese Herbal Formulations CertificationNaturopathic AcupunctureNaturopathic Doctors

Alcohol and Drug Counselors

Alcohol and Drug Counseling AideCertified Alcohol & Drug CounselorCertified Clinical SupervisorLicensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor


ArchitectLandscape Architect

Athletic Trainers

Athletic Trainer




AudiologistHearing Aid and Dealing TraineeHearing Aid DealerSpeech-Language Pathology Assistant (Registration) – Speech-Language PathologistTemporary Speech-Language Pathologist or Audiologist


AestheticianBarberBarber InstructorBoothCosmetologyCosmetology InstructorEstablishment; ShopLimited BarberNail TechnologySchools of Barbering  – Schools of CosmetologyTemporary LicenseTrainee AestheticianTrainee BarberTrainee CosmetologistTrainee Limited BarberTrainee Nail Technician

Boiler Inspectors

Boiler Inspector

Boiler Operators

Boiler Operator Training PermitHigh Pressure Boiler Operator

Charitable Solicitations

Charitable OrganizationProfessional Solicitor


ChiropractorChiropractic AcupunctureCertified Chiropractic AssistantTemporary Certified Chiropractic Assistant

Complementary Health Care Providers

AcupunctureCustom-Made Chinese Herbal Formulations CertificationNaturopathic AcupunctureNaturopathic Doctor


AestheticianBarberBarber InstructorBoothCosmetologyCosmetology InstructorEstablishment; ShopLimited BarberNail TechnologySchools of Barbering  – Schools of CosmetologyTemporary LicenseTrainee AestheticianTrainee BarberTrainee CosmetologistTrainee Limited BarberTrainee Nail Technician


Clinical Professional CounselorMarriage and Family TherapistPastoral CounselorProfessional CounselorRegistered Counselor

Dentists & Dental Hygienists

Dental LicenseDentalTemporary PermitDental-Extern PermitDenturist LicenseExpanded Function Dental Assistant CertificationIndependent Practice Dental Hygienist (IPDH)Local Anesthesia PermitNitrous Oxide PermitPublic Health Supervision Reporting FormPublic Health Supervision Notification & Standing Orders FormsRadiography LicenseRegistered Dental Hygienist (RDH)Sedation-Deep/General AnesthesiaSedation-Moderate Sedation Application


Dietetic TechnicianDietitianTemporary Dietetic TechnicianTemporary Dietitian

Door-to-Door Home Repair Sellers

Door-To-Door Home Repair Seller


Apprentice ElectricianElectrical PermitHelper Electrician, Senior Helper ElectricianJourneyman Electrician, Senior Journeyman Electrician (over 70 years of age)Journeyman-in-Training ElectricianLimited Electrician, Senior Limited Electrician (over 70 years of age)Master Electrician, Senior Master Electrician (over 70 years of age)Single-Family Dwelling Certification

Elevator & Tramway Inspectors and Mechanics

Elevator ContractorElevator InspectorElevator MechanicLift MechanicTramway InspectorWire Rope Inspector


ForesterForester Registration for Supervision of Unlicensed PersonnelIntern Forester

Funeral Practitioners

Funeral (Home) EstablishmentFuneral AttendantFuneral PractitionerFuneral Practitioner TraineeInactive Status: Practitioner or Director

Geologists & Soil Scientists

GeologistSoil Scientist

Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters

Hearing Aid and Dealing TraineeHearing Aid Dealer

Interior Designers

Certified Interior Designer

Interpreters for the Deaf

Certified Deaf Interpreter of American Sign Language and EnglishCertified Interpreter/Transliterator of American Sign Language and EnglishLimited Deaf Interpreter/Transliterator of American Sign Language and EnglishLimited Interpreter/Transliterator of American Sign Language and English

Land Surveyors

Land Surveyor-in-trainingProfessional Land Surveyor

Landscape Architects

ArchitectLandscape Architect

Manufactured Housing Professionals

Manufactured Housing CommunitiesManufactured Housing DealerManufactured Housing Developer DealerManufactured Housing InstallerManufactured Housing ManufacturerManufactured Housing Mechanic

Massage Therapists

Massage Therapist

Naturopathic Doctors

Naturopathic AcupunctureNaturopathic Doctor

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioner


Certified Nurse MidwifeClinical Nurse Specialist – Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)Nurse AnesthetistNurse Practitioner  – Registered Nurses (RN)

Nursing Home Administrators

Administrator-In-TrainingEndorsement (“Reciprocity”/”Comity”)Multi-Level Long Term Care Facility AdministratorNursing Home AdministratorResidential Care Facility AdministratorTemporary Nursing Home Administrator

Occupational Therapists

Occupational TherapistOccupational Therapy AssistantTemporary Occupational Therapist

Oil and Solid Fuel Technicians

Apprentice Oil Burner and/or Solid Fuel TechnicianJourneyman Oil Burner and/or Solid Fuel TechnicianLimited Tank InstallerLimited Wood Pellet TechnicianMaster Oil Burner and/or Solid Fuel TechnicianOil Limited Energy Auditor TechnicianTemporary Permit For Plant Operator and/or Deliver Technician




Mail Order Contact Lens SupplierMail Order Prescription PharmacyManufacturerPharmacyWholesaler

Pharmacy Technicians

Authorization of Administration of Drugs and ImmunizationsInactive PharmacistInactive Senior PharmacistPharmacistPharmacy Graduate Pharmacy Intern Educated in Foreign Country other than CanadaPharmacy Intern Educated in the U.S. or CanadaPharmacy Technician – Student Pharmacist

Physical Therapists

Physical TherapistPhysical Therapist Assistant

Physicians (MD)

Physician (MD)Physician Assistant (PA)

Physicians (Osteopath)

Locum TenensOsteopathic PhysiciansPhysician Assistant


CompanyJourneyman PlumberJourneyman-in-TrainingMaster PlumberTrainee Plumber


Podiatrist In ResidencyPodiatrists

Professional Engineers

Engineer-InternForeign ApplicantsLicensure by Comity (NCEES Record Holder) – Professional EngineerTemporary Licensure

Professional Fundraisers

Charitable OrganizationProfessional Solicitor

Propane & Natural Gas Technicians

Gas Dispensing StationGas Storage Tank PermitPropane and Natural Gas HelperPropane and Natural Gas TechnicianPropane Limited Energy Auditor Technician


Conditional ExaminersConditional PsychologistsPsychological ExaminersPsychologistsTemporary ExaminersTemporary Psychologists

Radiologic Technologists

Limited RadiographerRadiologic TechnologistSpecial Permit Nuclear Medicine TraineeTemporary Radiologic TechnologistTrainee Radiographer

Real Estate Appraisers

Certified General Real Property AppraiserCertified Residential Real Property AppraiserLicensed Residential Real Property AppraiserTemporary LicenseTrainee Real Property Appraiser

Real Estate Professionals

Associate Real Estate BrokerInactive Associate Broker or Inactive Broker LicenseNonresident/Resident Reciprocal LicensingReal Estate Agency Branch OfficeReal Estate Broker/Designated BrokerReal Estate Brokerage AgencyReal Estate Sales AgentReinstatement of Expired License

Respiratory Care Practitioners

Associate Permit/LicenseRespiratory Care TechnicianRespiratory Care TherapistRespiratory Care TraineeTemporary Technician

Social Workers

LC – Licensed Clinical Social WorkerLM – Licensed Master Social WorkerLS – Licensed Social WorkerLSX – Licensed Social Worker, ConditionalMC – Licensed Master Social Worker, Conditional Clinical

Soil Scientists

Soil Scientist

Speech-Language Pathologists

Speech-Language PathologistSpeech-Language Pathology Assistant (Registration)Temporary Speech-Language Pathologist or Audiologist

Steam Engineers

Fourth Class Stationary Steam EngineerThird Class Stationary Steam EngineerSecond Class Stationary Steam EngineerFirst Class Stationary Steam Engineer

Transient Sellers

Transient Seller – CompanyTransient Seller – Employee


VeterinarianVeterinary Technician

Wood Pellet Technician

Limited Wood Pellet Technician