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Good Day to You,

I am a retired Maine State Employee, of 30 years, 20+ years as a customer service representative. My experience is being used to create the Professional Licensing Helper.

Many times I received phone calls asking for help to “find their way” around the Maine State Government website. They were often frustrated by being “passed” from one agency to another, trying to piece together the maze of regulations, forms and procedures.

There is very little cross-training between government agencies. It rarely happens on the state level or the federal level. This leaves us trying to go from agency to agency, while struggling to get the resources and information required for Professional Licensing.

Even worse, many professionals wanting to start their own business, will need to learn about that separate process, while dealing with all the licensing requirements. You have to be connected with the right agency, for the appropriate resources, that are located in different locations.

The frustration this causes on many levels is why I’m developing this “retirement project”.

Now I don’t have to worry about “conflict of interest”, because there is none, like when I was a State Employee.

I am not an “Official”. I have the experience to help you get to the appropriate official webpages to meet your needs.

I understand that for many of you, getting your Professional License is only part of your journey.

I am available to help you “make the connection” with the appropriate administrative agencies to Start Your Business, by Incorporating, getting your Federal Tax ID, State taxes and more.

You can ask questions, seek help finding a resource and request a service, without being concerned about hidden costs or a long wait, after payment for your service to be delivered. I am not “fast”, and you will not be charged until your product or service is ready for delivery.

Even better, you have the opportunity to help improve this site, because when your request helps me author something that can be repurposed to generate income, you will not only receive the service at no cost, but are encouraged to give input, regarding what the appropriate fee should be for that product or service.

This is a “work in progress”, and will require a lot of time to include the large number of Resource Link Tool Pages, representing all of the Professions.

When you can’t find what you need on the site, just ask me for help using the Contact Form.

My name is Arthur Strout, going by the online name of “Arth”.

This is not an “Official” government website, just a HELPER.

The Professional Licensing Helper.

My Best to You

Arth's 30 Year Career Service Award
Arth’s 30 Year Career Service Award