About P-L-H

Welcome to Professional Licensing Helper.

About the Reference Links Tool Pages

This blog/website is being designed as a tool to aid in the challenging task of referencing specific professional licensing information in the maze of laws, rules and regulations.

The “Professions” Menu, located to the right (and under the comments on smaller screens), is where you connect with the ReferenceLlinks Tool Pages, listed by Profession, in Alphabetical order

The Reference Links Tool Pages are alphabetically indexed link pages, created to help you locate the information and resources that can be buried in the maze of official websites.

The Reference Links Tool Pages are a “work in progress” and will take considerable time to develop.

Not to worry, you can always use the Contact Form to ask for help finding the Professional Licensing information you need.

About the Blog

Blog posts will keep you informed, educate you, and share important resources.

This is not an “official” website. As a former state of Maine employee and customer service representative, I understand how to find the resources you need. I’m applying my 20+ years of experience to develop this helpful project.

At first, you will see posts relating to growth associated with the Blogging 101 class at Blogging University. After completion, it will be on to the Blogging 201 class for more advanced training.

The above classes will help me be a more effective webmaster. These skills will help me make this site an even more valuable tool.

From the first few posts, you can see how the valuable information and resources are being shared, as I incorporate them into practice.

Those of you who want to establish a website/blog for your business will find these posts of interest.

Post Topics will include “Everything Professional Licensing”.

All topics related to helping you understand the process of becoming licensed as a professional will be talked about.

From learning how to locate “accredited” schools, the examination process, and much more. Many of these subjects can be applied to different U.S. States and Territories, once you understand the larger picture.

You can use the Contact Form to request a post topic.

Don’t find what you need?

Don’t be afraid to ask. You can always use the main menu, go to the Contact Form, and ask for help.

Know that you can ask questions, seek help finding a resource and request a service, without being concerned about hidden costs or a long wait, after payment for your service to be delivered. I am not “fast”, and you will not be charged until your product or service is ready for delivery.

Even better, you have the opportunity to help improve this site, because when your request helps me author something that can be repurposed to generate income, you will not only receive the service at no cost, but are encouraged to give input, regarding what the appropriate fee should be for that product or service.

Why both a blog and “static” pages?

Blog posts are better suited for interacting “in the moment”. They relay “new” information, while allowing for conversations to take place in the “Comments”. The blog’s home page always contains the latest post and remains “current”.

The Reference Links Tool Pages don’t change much over time. Most Professional Licensing administrations rarely change much, unless a new law or rule makes change necessary, and so can remain “static” or change very little.

The “static” Reference Links Tool Pages may change now and then, but very little compared to the blog, which is always being updated with more “in the moment” content.

Why this service is needed

Do you find yourself scrolling through paragraphs of text, only to learn that the information you needed isn’t there? Perhaps it was “hidden in plain sight”?

Have you ever been frustrated, trying to get all the pieces to the government puzzle together, but being shuffled from agency to agency?

I totally understand.

I dealt with that frustration on the job as well.

Every government agency is “specialized”.

They rarely share information on an inter-departmental level, from agency to agency.

Agencies do not “cross-train”.

These Reference Tool Link Pages and posts are intended to help you sort out the maze.

When you can’t find what you need, using the currently available resources, just ask for help using the Contact Form.

This is not an “Official” government website, just a HELPER.

The Professional Licensing Helper.

My Best to You