Just a little posting glitch

Good Day to You,

With more than one blog, commenting sometimes links to the wrong blog by mistake.

If you intended to follow my “pet friendly” blog, go Customer First Marketer. Sorry for the mix up!

WordPress is great for being able to reply to a post and easily follow a blog we like.

Sometimes though, the unintended happens.

I’ve tried logging into my WP Dashboard as Customer First Marketer instead of Professional Licensing Helper, to avoid getting followers to the wrong blog, but am still having issues.

We should get the option to choose which blog we want to link to, when leaving a comment on a  post, but it doesn’t always work that way.

I’m going to ask the Happiness Engineers at Automatic for help, making CFM the default blog linked to.

So, if you want to follow the blog dedicated to “pets”, you need to follow Customer First Marketer.

I’m really sorry about that and hope to resolve this issue soon.

I’m not sure what will become of this blog right now, either a repurpose, or not. A lot depends on getting this right.

I hope you like the pet friendly changes coming to CFM, including an introduction to a wonderful online dog trainer.

I’m not tracking your contact info when WordPress emails of your “follow”. That’s the reason for this post.

Isn’t it nice to know your contact information is protected?

Thank you for your interest.

My Best to You

Author: Arth Strout

Do you trust online reviews in search results or testimonials on a website? The name TrendRandom is derived from my desire to provide an honest collection of relevant references for a variety of products and services offered online. Did you know that the majority of "reviews" found online in the search results end up being a "self promotion" by some affiliate, or a dishonest attempt to discredit a competitor? On site customer testimonials are not reliable either, because the owner has complete control over what reviews get published. I'm an "atypical" affiliate marketer. I'm done trying to promote a specific product or service and have decided to make my "niche" questioning users about the promises made by sales claims, using polls. The poll results are controlled by a third party with a link to the results located in the lower left corner of each poll. In this way, I only make commissions from sales based on the honest “yes” or “no” answers to straightforward questions, not through "promoting". Feel free to use the Contact Form on the site to ask questions, comment, or suggest an offer to poll. My Best to You Arth Strout 12 Summer St., Apt. 2 Augusta, ME 04330

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