Starting a Business Resources Blogroll and Images

Good day to You,

Since my last post, I’ve been asking myself the following question:

How can the side bars best be used to consistently provide the most needed Resources and Information, regardless of the current content of my posts?

We got off to a good start understanding what tools can be used, and even talked about what best works for me. We talked about the three (3) new blogrolls started.

If you missed the last post here is a link:

BlogRoll Anyone?

Not only has more resources been added to the STARTING A BUSINESS Blogroll, but images have been added as well.

A word about Images

One of my many shortfalls is not being particularly artistic. My wife will be the first to tell you:

“Don’t trust him to match his colors right when he gets dressed”.

I admit it, she may not “technically” help me get dressed, but without her expert arrangement, the “fashion police” would arrest me for sure!

Another thing I don’t really get, is seeing images displayed on websites, and no credit given to the source.

I know about “public domain” and not being “obligated” to display details about the image, including the source. Please Excuse Me, if I do, even if it isn’t as “pretty”.

Thank you so much, to all the wonderful people who help us make our sites more appealing through the use of your images. I will be sharing the images placed above each of the Blogrolls in the sidebars in this post as well.

Little Shop – with sign fixed By finchweb - Click/Tap image to view the source.
Little Shop – with sign fixed By finchweb – Click/Tap image to view the source.


If you look to the far right side bar, you will see the above image, and under it the Blogroll called “STARTING A BUSINESS.

The first two links listed are not new, but are important, so I will list them for you first, followed by all the new Resource links after.

BusinessUSA – This is the Federal governments’ “centralized, one-stop platform”. Here you will find “the full range of business programs and services”.

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) – This is your Federal government Resource for learning about “loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions”, and more.

Explore State and Local Resources – BusinessUSA – Select your State or Territory on the map, or scroll down and click on your jurisdiction’s name. – You will be presented with a host of resources to choose from.

Start a Business – BusinessUSA – Try this “Start a Business Wizard”. Answer a series of questions to get focused. The results will provide you with a list of links to resources you can take advantage of.

Training Materials – BusinessUSA – Find out what training is available from many different government agencies and categories. Each title has a description and lists the government agency providing the training. You have access to “Chat”, “Online Training” and “Video”.

Accessing Financing – BusinessUSA – Use the “Access Financing Tool”. Answer a series of questions to get “tailored information on various financial programs”.

Explore Government Contracting – BusinessUSA – This Tool can help you “explore federal government procurement opportunities”. “There are plenty of federal contracting opportunities” in “all U.S. states and territories”.

U.S. Export Assistance Centers – BusinessUSA – Need to learn about Exporting? Learn about “trade counseling, advocacy, market intelligence and business matchmaking services”.

Now, no matter how many posts, and how varied the topics, these resources will always be available in the sidebar.

More Image Credits

“A word about Images” above, talked about wanting to be sure to give proper credit to the wonderful people who supply us with images to use on our sites.

Below I want to give honorable mention by presenting more images newly added to the site.


Online Presentation (male) by ousia - Click/Tap the image to view the source.
Online Presentation (male) by ousia – Click/Tap the image to view the source.



Online Presentation (male) by ousia - Click/Tap the image to view the source.
Online Presentation (male) by ousia – Click/Tap the image to view the source.

Blogging 101

The Automatic team, who host this site at and provide classes through Blogging University, deserve honorable mention.

A new Blogging 101 class is being offered after the New Year, and on a monthly basis.

Here is a link to the Blogging University page at “THE DAILY POST”:


Thank You Automatic!

I hope you find these resources helpful.

Be sure and let me know, if you have a suggestion for a product or service you would like to see provided on this site.

Remember, “Helper” is the most important word in the title of this blog.

Happy Holidays!

My Best to You

Author: Arth Strout

Welcome! - Are you like me? - Do you get lost using Twitter? - Do you struggle with Marketing? Wish a non-tech person would "walk through" Issues? - My name is Arthur (Arth for short). I call myself an "Atypical Affiliate Marketer", because I don't like and don't use gimmicks just to earn a buck online. I"m not against "Big Data" or using Automation to help with basic tasks, but not when it dehumanizes us. I'm not an "expert", and my videos are far from perfect, but will be helpful, by sharing what I learn and how I personally feel and deal with challenges we all face as users and Marketers. For instance, you won't find me all over Social Media. I make my home on Twitter @TrendRandom, so "Using Twitter" is one of the subjects you'll find here. Not just using, but how I use Twitter and why what I do isn't always like everyone else. So I hope you'll watch, be helped and inspired. You’ll also find the “All Polls” section. Each user poll question has it’s own page, with the option to answer “yes” or “no”. You’ll find the offer’s claim/promise quoted under each poll with a source link. Please leave a comment, suggestion or request using the “Contact” page. My Best to You Arth Strout 12 Summer St., Apt. 2 Augusta, ME 04330

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