Welcome Licensee!

Good Day to You,

Relax, be comfortable.

You have just arrived at a HELPING place.

It doesn’t matter if you are only considering becoming a professional, or are currently a licensee. You can look for links to information and resources, using the tools on this site (still a “work in progress”), or simply use the Contact Form to ask for one-on-one help.

Consumers can find help here as well. You can find links to “License Searches”. You can look up licensee information, to check if the person or company you are considering to hire, has a clean license history, free from disciplinary action. You will find links to license searches, located on the official websites, where it is possible to get those answers, often at no fee.

You can get help finding answers to questions relating to everything from educational requirements and finding accredited schools, to asking where to find laws and regulations. You can even ask for help finding resources to Start a Business in your State or Territory.

Professional-People-Silhouette - Go to the Source by clicking/taping the picture.
Professional-People-Silhouette – Go to the Source by clicking/taping the picture.

Not Official, just Experienced

No, this is not an OFFICIAL website. The owner has no ties to any government agency.

You can benefit from my 20+ years as a customer service representative, working for the State of Maine, as a state employee. Now that I’m retired, I’m no longer bound by restrictions to give information that “only relates to the specialized resources” attached to one specific “piece of the puzzle”, the one in which I worked. I am not restricted by any “conflicts of interests”, now that I’m retired.

No Hard Sell

Helping you, while avoiding the ever growing practice of the “HARD SELL”.

You don’t have to worry about being BOMBARDED with advertising and promotional emails. Blog posts are intended to be helpful and informative, not a platform to SELL.

Know that you can ask questions, seek help finding a resource and request a service, without being concerned about hidden costs or a long wait, after payment, for your service to be delivered. I am not “fast”, and you will not be charged until your product or service is ready for delivery.

Even better, you have the opportunity to help improve this site, when your request helps me author something that can be repurposed to generate income. You will not only receive the service at no cost, but are encouraged to give feedback, telling me how I can do better. You can even suggest an appropriate fee, that you feel should be charged for that product or service.

Be encouraged, when you don’t see a specific product or service listed. Consider this your opportunity to contribute to this “work in progress”.

Helping works both ways here. Your questions and suggestions will help with the development of this site, and the improvement of the tools you find here. While your input helps me to “focus” on your needs, you will get help finding the resources and answers you need. I am not the “official”, just an “enabler” or “helper”.

Together, we can help each other.

Professional-People-Silhouette - Go to the Source by clicking/taping the picture.
Professional-People-Silhouette – Go to the Source by clicking/taping the picture.

Maine licensees are especially lucky!

Most Maine administrative agencies maintain webpages with specialized information and resources for each License Type, associated with each Profession. You will find a special links page for Maine Professional Licensing, in the Main Menu.

Remember, if you don’t see what you need, just ask me. It will take a long time to put together all the Resource Links Tool Pages. You don’t have to wait for that to get the answers you need, just use the Contact Form.

Help for licensees from any U.S. State or Territory.

The “Professions” Menu, located to the right (and after the comments on smaller screens), is where you connect with the links pages, listed by Profession, in Alphabetical order. Where possible, each page, dedicated to that Profession, will list each U.S. State and Territory, having relative official resource webpages.

The “Maine Professional Licensing” and “Professions” pages make up the Resource Links Page Tool.

Professional-People-Silhouette - Go to the Source by clicking/taping the picture.
Professional-People-Silhouette – Go to the Source by clicking/taping the picture.

Using the Resource Links Tool Pages

Isn’t it refreshing to know that, alphabetically indexed link pages are in the process of being created, to help you locate the information and resources that can be buried in the maze of official government websites?

Think of the Link Pages as your tool, created to take you directly to the official’s page, where that specific resource is located, without having to search their site to get there.

Use the Main Menu to access the Maine Professional Licensing resource tool, if you need to find resources and information specific to Maine.

Use the “Professions” Menu on the right (and under the comments on smaller screens), if you need to find resources and information in another U.S. State or Territory. The “Profession” names link you to that dedicated Resource Links Page. New Professions will be added as the dedicated Resource Links Page is published.

A Work In Progress

Developing these tools is a “work in progress”. You don’t have to wait for these tools to be published. Take advantage of the Contact Form to tell me how I can help.

Rest assured, all answers to questions and resources provided, come directly from official sources. All answers are provided, complete with “reference links”.

Protecting Your Privacy

You can protect your privacy by using the Contact Form to ask for help (without making a “public” comment under a post), knowing that your email address will not be shared, and only used in response to your request. Not only will your privacy be protected, but you will get one-on-one help from me.

You will only receive update emails if you subscribe to posts. You can always unsubscribe, at any time.

Professional-People-Silhouette - Go to the Source by clicking/taping the picture.
Professional-People-Silhouette – Go to the Source by clicking/taping the picture.

Share this Resource

Do you know someone who needs answers to professional licensing questions? They are welcome to ask questions ‘unofficially” here first, and benefit from this HELPING place.

Reassure them that the resources they find here are real, without a “sales pitch” and operated by someone with experience dealing with government resources. Someone who can find the hidden resources and information buried within those webpages.


This post reflects three (3) days of assignments.


“Publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.”

The first part of this post is a little more targeted toward my “ideal audience”. I try to engage you with a supportive “tone”, inviting you to relax and reassuring you that this is a “HELPING” site.

This assignment was easy. I hope you always feel welcome here, and are encouraged to ask, when you need help.

I will do my best to provide you with helpful and relative content, using my experience to help guide me in the direction you need to go, bring you the information you need.

You will also notice that images have been added to today’s post, they are the “new –to-you element” part of the assignment.

This exercise feels like a really good idea. Now you should have a better understanding for what this blog is for, how to use the Resource Links Page Tool, and how you can ask for help.


“Create and publish your “About” page, then either adapt it into the widget on our home page or add it to your menu.

My “About” pages are already part of the main menu.

My Gravatar has been updated.

Both the About P-L-H, and the About Arth pages have been re-written.

I’ve added something else new to the bottom of the “About Arth” page.

You’ve been reading about my years of experience. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the proof.


“Try out at least three other themes – even if you’re happy with the one you first chose. Try one you’re drawn to, and one you would never use.”

Below is a screen shot, showing how this site looked using the Twenty Twelve Theme:

The previous Twenty Twelve Theme - Click/Tap image to view source.
The previous Twenty Twelve Theme – Click/Tap image to view source.

One of the big problems with the old theme was trying to figure out how best to create a second menu for the “Professions” links pages. The purpose of this second menu is to provide an easy way to access all the Resource Links Tool Pages that are planned.

The email instructions from our Blogging 101 instructor always arrive complete with links to helpful support documents, helping us succeed with our assignments.

This helpful article does a really good job, walking us through the process of finding, and selecting a WordPress theme:

Get Personality – PICK A THEME – Learn WordPress.com

The above article explains some important things for you to consider. One consideration that helped me narrow down my search for a new theme, is to narrow down your possibilities by customizing your search perimeters. You do this in the Theme Showcase by selecting “…MORE” in the main menu.

The “…MORE” link opens a box with columns of radio buttons that we can select to narrow our results, to show only the themes that have the features we need most.

The column headings include:
“LAYOUTS” (Be sure to select “Responsive” to look good on all size screens.)

One thing I love about my WordPress Business hosting account is that I don’t have to worry about how much a theme costs. This plan allows us to choose freely between all the themes, without limits. Our $299 per year subscription cost covers being able to use any Premium theme with no additional cost.

Want to skip the support documentation and get right to looking at themes?

Here is a link to the Theme Showcase:

WordPress Themes – WordPress.com

Here is a direct link to the home page of my new theme called “Cerauno”:

Cerauno – WordPress Themes – WordPress.com

Once again, it has taken a long time to complete my Blogging 101 assignments. This time I have combined three (3) assignments into one.

Professional-People-Silhouette - Click/Tap image to view source.
Professional-People-Silhouette – Click/Tap image to view source.

Closing Words

I want you to know that everything written in the first part of this post is sincere. You are very welcome here and I want you to feel my helpful attitude in every post published.

I have left off a lot of detail regarding my experience changing my theme.

One very time consuming and challenging issue was finding the right image for my header (including finding one that fits).

Another time consuming process was figuring out how to come up with code for the link in the text widget, going to the source of the image used for my header. I am happy to share more (including the html code used) with anyone who asks.

Thanks for visiting and reading this post. I hope you’ve found it helpful.

My Best to You

Author: Arth Strout

Good Day to You, My wife and I have had pets for the majority of our lives. I’m the “computer person”, although she gives inspiration in the background, she is also a very private person. So am I, when not online. At one point, when we lived in the country and times weren’t so tough, we had three (3) dogs and six (6) cats. So you see my love for pets (all animals) runs deep. I’m a firm believer that the very best relationship we can have with our pets is based upon mutual respect and proper care. Like ourselves, our pets are unique and valuable individuals with feelings. Deserving of the best quality of life. I believe that no one practice or belief is the only or best way to provide a quality of life for ourselves and our pets. Supporting Pet and Family Life Quality - I plan to do this by finding and sharing suggestions to help solve problems. My Best to You Arthur (Arth) Strout 12 Summer St., Apt. 2 Augusta, ME 04330

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